Virtual Cigarette by Innovative Creator- Steve Mott
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Welcome to the world of Virtual Cigarette!
Feeling left out? Wanna share in the lost time with all your smoking pals but not have all the negative things like stinky breath, lung cancer, asthma, COPD, and a lighter wallet from supporting a physically addictive habit? Then VIRTUAL CIGARETTE is for you! Version 1.00 is a simulation that is addictive on its own (free and safe though) and may prove to be the most important reason you bought a PDA! …Well, at least it’s a great conversation starter. Now you don’t have to overclock to smoke your PDA!
Current Version of Virtual Cigarette

4/1/02   Added version 1.00 of Virtual Cigarette.

You MUST have PalmOS version 3.5 to use, and it probably looks fairly icky on a color unit as of right now. Smoke’m if ya got’em!

C'mon, Let's Smoke!

Future Version Information
Version 1.00 is a test case. I think that Virtual Cigarette will catch on, but it needs YOU to make it happen! This is the brand of cigarette the ENTIRE TECHNOLOGY-READY NATION should be smoking!

If you have a PalmOS based PDA, what are you waiting for? The price of $0.00 will NEVER be lower!

Depending on the response, a color version, savable database, purchase routine and beamable (bumable) cigarette arsenal may follow. Version 1.00 will test the concept.

The File Information and Download options
Virtual Cigarette is a program that simulates the joy of smoking. Impress your friends with "a whole nuther reason" to own a PDA!

This is version 1.00
-You MUST have PalmOS version 3.5 to use, and it probably looks fairly icky on a color unit as of right now. Sorry, but Smoke’m if ya got’em!

-Selecting the "Choose" option will take you to the form where options are selected.

-The only thing in this version that really matters is the "burn time". It must be less than 9:59, and anything not valid is rejected to a default value of 3:20.

-The "Memopad" and "Datebook" hardware buttons allow right-handed and left-handed smoking respectively. You can hold the PDA in your left hand (if you are right-handed) and press the "Memopad" key with your pinky to impress your friends with your smoking technique!

-Tapping the "Butt" will allow you to temporarily stop smoking. This will allow you to light up again later (when you go in and out of a building with your smoker friends for example). Just select "Butt Out" and turn off your PDA. It'll be there next time for ya!

-Be sure to peruse the facts listed in "The Truth" on the menu. They can be great conversation starters while you are "burning one" with your co-workers.

-All kidding aside, this program can actually help you if you are a smoker. Using gum or patches still doesn't help with the short breaks you used to take. This program can give you the "few minutes away" that you are accustomed to having. My wife is using it to keep her routine going temporarily, while the nicotine patch gradually reduces her dependancy. Saying goodbye to the onus of smoking is more than just stopping the physical addiction. The psychological side requires attention also. So grab your gum or patches and... "C'mon, Let's Smoke!"

-This program has been tested, but has not been tested extensively. There have been no problems encountered yet on my own PDA while I have been actively looking for them. I cannot guarantee that it will not damage or cause problems on your own PDA. Use at your own risk.

-That having been said, ENJOY!

The Welcome Screen
This is the first screen of Virtual Cigarette.

Choose Your Preferences
Pick the cigarette you want!

A Smoking Simulation!
Here's the Virtual Cigarette in all its glory! Hardware buttons have been programmed to heighten your experience with virtual puffing too! Be careful though, excessive use will be hazardous to the health of your PDA batteries.
Download the ZIP file